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PT Cipta Aman Graha

Our Company

PT. CIPTA AMAN GRAHA was established in 1987. Cipta Aman Graha is a General Supplier and Contractor company in Indonesia which is specializing in

I. Fire Protection System :

- Fire Alarm System

- Fire Sprinkler System

- Fire Hydrant System

- FM-200 and CO2 Clean Agent Suppression System

- Portable Fire Extinguisher

II. Security System :

- Security Alarm System

- Access Control System (Finger Print control)

- Closed Circuit Television System

III. Building Automation System

- Energy Management System

- Maintenance Management System

- Fire Management System

- Security Management System

- Monitoring and Schedule System

Cipta Aman Graha has a good human resource, we have professionals team, people is organized and together we delivering a single source solution with the vision of “All About Our Customer”. With on our expertise – our resources, process knowledge and technologies, we believe that we will always give the best products and good services of the highest quality for every customer on every project all the time.