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PT Cipta Aman Graha

CYLON CONTROLS: AspectFT, Building Integration with the Power of Internet

The AspectFT solution brings together multiple protocols and devices to a dedicated, centralized, or redundant location designated by the customer. From here collective data can be accessed, eliminating the need to visit each individual site. Through a user interface custom designed by a trained AspectFT Engineer, all data provided in any number of buildings can be viewed in an almost infinite number of ways. All that is required is a standard web browser (Internet Explorer®, Mozilla Firefox®, Safari®, etc). With the click of a button and the right security credentials, global aggregate building data can be monitored and mined, increasing efficiency and reducing energy consumption and cost.

AspectFT gives users the freedom of the internet, combined with the security and reliability of Linux and Java, and the familiarity of tools engineered by companies like Google™, Microsoft®, Apple®, and more!

Through this symbiosis you can now:

Access one to virtually an infinite number of buildings via the internet using standard web browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome™. With the right user credentials facility owners as well as installers can access data, troubleshoot issues, and make updates from their home, their building, or from across the globe.

Schedule your building(s) through programs such as Microsoft Outlook®, Google Calendar™, Apple iCal®, and any of over 40 other programs that utilize the iCalendar protocol. This means if you schedule a room in your building for a meeting, a workday, or weekend occupancy, it can be done without the need to access a proprietary scheduling tool. Don't worry, should your building lose internet connectivity, the AspectFT will still maintain the last received schedule until connectivity is restored and new changes are made.

Store and retrieve all building data from a MySQL or MSSQL database. This allows for data to be mined easily and effectively through familiar programs like SAP® Crystal Reports and Microsoft Excel®. With advanced audit trail functionality, reports can be generated to not only show energy trends, but reasons for anomalies in the data as well as what user was responsible for any changes made.

Through RSS feed technology, receive real-time updates, alarms, set-points, energy data, and any other pertinent information directly to your desktop, email account, smart phone, or smart device. Through the reliability of RSS you have the ability to choose what third-party program or device will receive the message. In addition, the Aspect Viewer widget is also available via download. Once installed, a customizable widget will appear on your desktop displaying real-time building information.

Receive building updates and information, as well as make changes to your building through the networking site Twitter™. This is more than just a buzz word. With today's technology many smart products come with a Twitter client. This means you can receive data on an array of devices, including your DVR or TV! In addition, AspectFT can also receive tweets, allowing for simple changes like set-point adjustment, light management, and occupancy override to be accomplished from a smart phone, or device through a text command. (Functionality based on Twitter services and security)

Manage energy consumption with XPath. Data from XML tables can be integrated to create more dedicated and automated control. For example: weather services from sites like Yahoo!® Weather, and can be utilized to manage building routines based on predicted weather patterns. Services like Google Latitude™ can be used to let your building know when you have entered or left the proximity of a building and automatically adjust set-points